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A Basement Playroom

Three years have passed by since we began the process of turning our unfinished basement into a playroom, and I finally got around to taking photos to share!  Honestly, the motivating factor was that a lot of this will change after Christmas because of a full-size air hockey table that is going to be gifted […]

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Kitchen Remodel: The Reveal

Our kitchen remodel has finally been completed.  Sure, there are minor things that need attending to, but oh man,this has been a long long long time coming.  We bought this house 5 years ago and I remember thinking about how I wanted the kitchen to look and I knew I would make it mine at […]

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My Kitchen Nightmare (and tips to avoid it)

At the risk of sounding completely overdramatic, I am totally, utterly, outstandingly devastated.  The kitchen remodel that I have dreamed about for 4 years, diligently saved up for 2 years, and spent months planning has turned into a complete nightmare with very upsetting consequences.  My ultimate dream of creating the children’s clothing line I have planned for, saved […]

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The Sewing Room Reveal

Are you ready to finally see my sewing room? This has been a long awaited post… last summer, we hired contractors to finish our basement and I was lucky enough to score a huge part of the space.  I am seriously a lucky, lucky girl. I am posting this as a part of my lovely friend […]

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Easy Kitchen Backsplash: $30 Target Wallpaper

  So, I have been talking about my kitchen for years now.  I can’t wait until I can afford to completely redo it.  Sure, it is a good kitchen… absolutely nothing truly wrong with it.  I just want a different look!  My dream is to have white cabinetry with some glass doors, a gray island, […]

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Updates and New Website

Hello!!!  I have been so busy lately and not posting much, but I wanted to let you all know that I am here… on my brand spanking new website!  Isn’t it lovely?   My wonderful friend Lauren Dahl has been patiently helping me get it to where I want it to be.  It is getting there! […]

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Ainsley’s Anthropologie Inspired Bedroom

I can’t wait to show you Ainsley’s new bedroom.  She is a very lucky and happy 4 year old.   Now, as you may recall, we redid Ainsley’s room about 1.5 years ago, so you might be wondering why on earth we would change such a pretty room, right? (old room on left, new room […]

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The Unfinished Craft Room

Back in May, we hired contractors to do our entire basement and it is finished!   Well, except for the decorating 🙂   Quite a few of you have been begging to see my new craft studio.  I was going to wait until I was finished making it pretty, but what the heck…. why not […]

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The NEW Family Room Reveal!

Remember 8 months ago when I had the brilliant idea to sell our family room couch and buy a new one?  Read HERE for details on how that ridiculous situation happened 🙂   And then the new couch we ordered got lost.  Yes, lost.  I still have no idea how someone loses a couch.  It […]

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The Number Room: Ethan’s Bedroom

When Ethan told us that he no longer wanted his Nautical Room, I almost cried!  That was the first room we completed in our house and I seriously adored it. However, this is a kid that has never asked for anything and he meant business and of course, he wanted a “Number Room”.   He […]

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