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My Kitchen Nightmare (and tips to avoid it)

At the risk of sounding completely overdramatic, I am totally, utterly, outstandingly devastated.  The kitchen remodel that I have dreamed about for 4 years, diligently saved up for 2 years, and spent months planning has turned into a complete nightmare with very upsetting consequences.  My ultimate dream of creating the children’s clothing line I have planned for, saved […]

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Ainsley: Chai Lifeline Commercial

Hi guys!  I have been a bit quiet around here and I have good reason.  There has been SO much going on (I will explain the rest at a later day…. it is fun stuff!), but mainly, I have just been so incredibly busy.  We have a full kitchen remodel going on…. pics will follow, […]

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Ethan: Second Grade

Ahh!!  I can’t believe I have a second grader! Last week, I shared Ainsley’s kindergarten photos and Ethan is up today.  He is an amazing 7 year old and I know that he will have a fantastic year at school.  For some reason, second grade seems so….. grown up.  Not sure why. Ethan was very […]

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First Day of Kindergarten: Ainsley

Summer was amazing and wonderful and peaceful.  I am always so sad when it ends, but I do enjoy seeing my kids’ growing excitement about the return to school.  A new school year means new friends, new experiences, and new knowledge. Ainsley misses the public school cut off by 10 days, so we decided to […]

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An Enjoyment Break

So, this has been a crazy, nutty, exciting, and unbelievable year.  Some things I haven’t been able to share yet, but trust me, this has been one of the most exciting times of my life.  However, I have decided that I need to embrace what is left of summer and simply put a few things […]

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7 Years Old: A Learning Process

It has been a long time since I have posted truly personal, life type things here, but I feel that it is time to revisit a bit of myself and my feelings.  After all, that is how this blog came to be in the first place. I started this blog when Ethan was around a […]

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Ainsley Graduates Preschool!

This past week was super emotional for me.  My “baby” girl is growing up so fast and it really hit me how precious time is. Ainsley will be 5 in September and starting at a private kindergarten program… how on earth did that happen? Every year, I take a first day of school and last day […]

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