The NEW Family Room Reveal!

Remember 8 months ago when I had the brilliant idea to sell our family room couch and buy a new one?  Read HERE for details on how that ridiculous situation happened :)

And then the new couch we ordered got lost.  Yes, lost.  I still have no idea how someone loses a couch.  It took 3 months before we finally got a new couch…. and everyone was super *thrilled* about having to sit on the wood floor in the meantime.   

Months and months of painting, furniture buying (and returning), and accessorizing… and the family room is finally finished.  I am serious this time.  I think.
I am loving the new color scheme. 
SO much different than our old family room.
In case you didn’t notice, we switched the arrangement of the room completely.  This beast of a wall unit is now on the wall where the old couch used to be.   We got this bad boy from IKEA (besta line) and it is perfect for storing toys, electronics, etc.  
Inside the glass doors, I have some decor (always good to have a few horse heads, right?) and then some diaper boxes I covered with fabric!  (matches the kitchen lamp shades I did a while back)
This is where the kids store all of their art supplies.

I love how it fills up the large wall.
Above the couch is some beautiful artwork that one of my readers graciously custom made and sent to me!  Can you believe it?
Her etsy shop Zafarani Designs is temporarily closed, but she will be offering lots of custom spots soon.  Feel free to message her if you want to discuss your own custom art!  

Don’t you just love the pop of color?  
She even made them according to a specific size I had in mind.

We purchased the new sectional from West Elm… don’t worry, they aren’t the company that lost our original couch… we have been very happy with West Elm’s customer service!

We still need to find a tray for the storage ottoman/coffee table.  I am also trying to decide if I should recover it or leave it as is.

We need another side table for the one end of the couch, but I just haven’t found the right one yet.

Flanking the fireplace are two arm chairs with the right scale for the space and provide extra seating.
I am still on the hunt for something to hand on the wall behind the one chair.

They each have a cute rectangular pillow that I found at Target!

That brings us to the fireplace!
Here is a before shot:

First off, we painted the mantle.  It used to be the same color as the flooring and it just didn’t seem to flow, so I painted it white.  In the future, we do plan to frame out the entire fireplace with a proper mantle and moldings, but this works for now.

I was sad to get rid of our old tree art above the fireplace, but it no longer made sense…. and then I found this metal dahlia and fell in love!

I am still playing around with the accessories, but I think they are cute, right?  Those little trees are actually real!  I love them.

Anyone spot the other horse head?

Finally, I made curtains and throw pillows out of the lovely (expensive) Thomas Paul Dahlia fabric in aegean.  (that link is the BEST price I have seen thus far!  )

For the 6 panels, I needed a little over 10 yards.  I didn’t do rod pockets or grommets, just clips, so that helped reduce the yardage.

I love the pop of unusual colors that the fabric provides.

I can’t believe it is the same room!

  • joanne w nolejn

    the use of the space is awesome! and all the colors make it so comfy and inviting! Why aren’t you on TV?

    • Welcome to the Mouse House

      well that would be my dream to have my own show, hahah! But in the meantime, I love sharing these things on my blog. Thanks joanne!

  • Jess @ Spool and Spoon

    Incredible. Favorite room makeover yet!

    • Welcome to the Mouse House

      that is so super sweet Jess! thanks!

  • Sheena Anderson

    Great job! It looks wonderful!

    • Welcome to the Mouse House

      thank you so much Sheena!

  • Palak

    Looks gorgeous! I also love that besta unit– it looks almost built in because it’s so flush against the wall. We have an expedit which is a monster!

    • Welcome to the Mouse House

      Thanks! We love that unit and yes, we removed the molding from that wall so that it would butt up against it as much as possible. We do plan to trim it out so that it looks even more built in!

  • Anonymous

    It is so bright and cheerful, I love it!

  • Happier Than A Bird Quilts

    Such a beautiful, inviting room!

    • Welcome to the Mouse House

      Thank you!

  • DollyCreates

    Oh my goodness! That is seriously a gorgeous room. I absolutely love it!! I am pinning it to my “Dream House” board!! I think the ottoman/coffee table looks great by the way. Thanks for sharing your redo!! Check out my sewing room redo on my blog!

    • Welcome to the Mouse House

      Oh that is so sweet! I will definitely check out your sewing room redo!

  • Jenn AJennuineLife

    Love it!! Wanna come do my living room?

    • Welcome to the Mouse House

      Sure, I will head right over ;)

  • Jennifer@ClassicStyleHome

    It looks awesome! It’s so light and bright. The new sectional looks so comfortable, too.

    • Welcome to the Mouse House

      Thanks Jen! Can you even believe that I finally finished???? haha

  • Kathy

    Wow! Your room looks 10x bigger now! I love it!!

    • Welcome to the Mouse House

      I know, right?! It FEELS much bigger too!

  • Melanie @ Whimsical Creations

    Turned out fantastic!

    • Welcome to the Mouse House

      Thanks Melanie!

  • Anonymous

    So much brighter! I love it ;o)

    • Welcome to the Mouse House

      thank you!

  • Amy Dash

    Beautiful room, can’t wait to have more time to explore your blog. I too sold our sectional… and then our couch & chair from the rec room… we are sitting on ‘reading corner’ chairs for another week and our new couches arrive! We sold our house and are moving — so it will be nice to not have to move a hide-a-bed sectional and the other ones as well. Thanks for the great inspiration — now I know for sure the TV room in the new house needs painting!

    • Welcome to the Mouse House

      thank you Amy! I can definitely relate to not having a couch to sit on. I hope you love your new couch!

  • Welcome to the Mouse House

    Thanks Amy! I am glad that I am not the only one that has done that, haha

  • Tina C

    This is an absolutely A-mazing makeover. The colors are so bright and cheerful; and that couch looks so comfy. I am sure your family is excited about the new look and that the wait was well worth it!
    Have a wonderful evening.

    • Welcome to the Mouse House

      thank you so much Tina!

  • the cape on the corner

    looks amazing! I looove that couch, and that artwork does so much for the space, too. lucky you!

    • Welcome to the Mouse House

      thank you!

  • Magda E.

    Soooo much better. loved it and it now looks much bigger and cosy too. Congratulations on all your talent!

    • Welcome to the Mouse House

      thanks Magda! I agree… it looks so much bigger now!

  • Cami

    Could you please tell me the paint color you used? I love your room, so beautiful.

    • Welcome to the Mouse House

      thanks! the color was Martha Stewarts Sharkey Gray, but I had it reduced by 50% to lighten it up!

  • Anonymous

    I love the room and especially am loving the fabric on the two side chairs on either side of the fireplace! Can you tell me more about the chairs and the fabric that is on them? Did you purchase them with this fabric or have them reupholstered! Beautiful room!


  • Anonymous

    Love this make over! Pinning it to my home inspiration board. Can you tell me where you found that metal dahlia over the fireplace?
    Can’t wait to explore more of your blog.

    • Welcome to the Mouse House

      that was actually from Target! I think it was around $30-$40!

  • Mary

    Your new room looks so fresh! I love it.
    I have a question about the little blue side table next to one of your arm chairs. Did you paint it that shade of blue? If so, I would love to know the name of the paint & the name of the color. I’ve been trying to find a shade like that to paint my kitchen cabinets.

    • Welcome to the Mouse House

      Thank you! I actually purchased the table painted… it was from Home Goods, but I haven’t seen it in a few months… boo :(

  • Kiki

    Love your new family living room!

    What is the style/source of the rug you used in the room?

  • Anonymous

    Great wok as usual! You have such a talent. Where are the real little trees from on the mantle?

    • Welcome to the Mouse House

      thanks! The little trees were found at Home Goods. They are really expensive (in my opinion)… the smallest was $19 and the largest was around $29…. a bit more than I would normally spend on accessories, but they were so cutee!

  • marlamichelle

    Wow!! Your room looks amazing! I absolutely live the color combination! My hubby and I are building a new house and we’d like to copy your BESTA wall unit….we just went to ikea’s website but couldn’t figure out the combination you used? Do you happen to remember? Also, what size is your tv? We’re just trying to figure out how big the hole is?! Thanks sooooo much! I’m so glad I found your blog!

    • Welcome to the Mouse House

      Thanks so much! I only just saw this response, so I apologize for the delay! I do believe that they have many more options in store than they do online. The glass door cabinets are discontinued, but I think they just recently replaced it with a different version. When you go to the store, you will see a whole section devoted to the Besta. I believe our TV is 36? Or 38. It has plenty of room to go bigger!

      So, we used one tv stand, one large cabinet with the doors, one skinny cabinet and then the entire top part is just open shelving. We also added legs to the bottom!

  • Kelly

    Hi could you share where the blue pillows on the sofa are from? Thank you!

    • Welcome to the Mouse House

      Hi Kelly! The blue pillows on the side chairs are from Target and the blue pillows on the sofa are from IKEA. I hope that helps!

  • Kelly

    Awesome thanks! I have those too and thought that’s what they were. I’ve been eyeing that Thomas Paul fabric for some time and am glad to know it will work with the pillows I already have. Thanks again!

  • Anne Risen

    I was so happy to see your gorgeous room! I am trying to transition out of all the warm tan/gold/brown colors to something fresher and cooler, so your room was the perfect inspiration. Could you tell me what paint color you used on the walls?

  • Anne Risen

    Thanks for showing how you transitioned from all the warm gold to a fresher, cooler color- I am trying to do the same and don’t know where to start (I think we have the same maple cabs and gold walls in our kitchen!). Could you please share the paint brand and color you used? It is perfect!

  • Anne Risen

    I was so happy to see your gorgeous room! I am trying to transition out of all the warm tan/gold/brown colors to something fresher and cooler, so your room was the perfect inspiration. Could you tell me what paint color you used on the walls?

    • Welcome to the Mouse House

      Thanks so much Anne! I love the fresher color scheme!
      The color is Martha Stewart Sharkey Gray, but I lightened it be 50%, so make sure you ask for that!

  • Melissa Smith

    I love those curtains!

  • Andrea @ Decorating Cents

    Wow. Such a dramatic change! I love the gray walls and pops of color throughout. That sectional is lovely.

  • Vanessa@Designs By Sessa

    Seriously seriously love it all, Hayley!!! LOVE IT!

  • Colin

    do you know the color name of the sofa? is it dove gray?

  • Ethan and KC

    Is that Sofa in the Stock Dove Gray from West Elm? Have you liked it now that you’ve had it awhile? Easy to clean with kids? Great room, really lots of light!

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