The Caroline Party Dress: It’s Here!

Thanks to the humongous support from my family and friends and lots of amazing testers, I am releasing my third pattern in under 2 months. I have been working my little tushy off and I am thrilled to say….
The Caroline Party Dress pattern is here!

With a size range of 6 months to 12 years, this classic dress is going to be a staple item, for sure.

The Caroline Party Dress features faux cap sleeves, fully lined bodice, invisible zipper closure, and options for peter pan collar, belt loops, fully lined underskirt with tulle, and inseam pockets.
I think the pockets were a favorite amongst the girls.

Here are some guides to get you started!

The new pattern is available on Craftsy and Etsy and guess what? All 3 of my patterns will be on sale for the next 24 hours!  Craftsy will be automatically marked down to $7 and Etsy will be 20% off with the code “Caroline”.  This will be the very last sale I have for a long time.  I recently reached 4,000 likes on the Mouse House Creations Facebook page and started a Mouse House Creations Facebook group, so this sale is just my way of saying thank you!
My idea for this dress was born during my season of Project Run and Play… in fact, it was the very first week when I created my State of Grace look.  I drafted this pattern…
…and finally tweaked the heck out of it to create 
The Caroline Party Dress!  
This, my friends, is my ideal style. Classic and timeless.

Much thanks to my awesome right hand woman that does all of my digitizing and sketches and is just so incredible!
Jodi from jocole is wonderful!
Once again, I had the most amazing testers.  I really don’t know how I get so lucky, but I just continue to find people that are so willing to help and churn out the most amazing end products.
Thank you to my wonderful testers that gave me the best feedback, and as always, have a blast in my facebook testing group.
Thanks girls!
Here are a few highlights:

Thanks again and I hope you enjoy this dress…. I think it is my favorite pattern so far.  Stay tuned because there are lots and lots of fun things planned for 2014 :)
  • Mie Brindle

    BIG congrats Hayley!! And WOOOW your testers have done an amazing job.

    • Welcome to the Mouse House

      THANKS Mie! And thanks for your help last night!

  • Jodi Bonjour

    so pretty! I’m keeping this pattern in mind for easter dresses next year.

    • Welcome to the Mouse House

      thanks Jodi! Yes, it would be a super cute Easter dress, for sure!

  • CraftyHourMom

    All the tester dresses are gorgeous! Nice work on the pattern!

    • Welcome to the Mouse House

      Didn’t they do a fabulous job? I was honestly blown away!

  • Shannon

    Congratulations, Hayley. What a beautiful dress pattern (and just in time for the holidays!). I love what your testers have done with it. :)

    • Welcome to the Mouse House

      Awww thanks so much Shannon… the testers really did a wonderful job!

  • Chelise

    I’m sure it’s another amazing pattern! There are some real gems up there from your testing group. Wow! I love the simple cap sleeves so much.

    • Welcome to the Mouse House

      Thanks Chelise! I adore the cap sleeves too!

  • The Graceful Rose

    Congratulations! I love that the sizing goes up to a 12! Can’t wait to sew some up for my girls :)

    • Welcome to the Mouse House

      Thanks! Make sure you show me the finished products!

  • Justine of SewCountryChick

    I think this pattern is going to be hit Hayley.Classic, timeless and cute…everything I love for girls dresses.

    • Welcome to the Mouse House

      Thank you so much Justine!

  • Jenya @ While she was sleeping

    Yey! Congrats!

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