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Happy Father’s Day!

Happy First Father’s Day, Garrett! I hope you have enjoyed your day so far. (It has consisted of sleeping in, a yummy breakfast, presentation of gifts and cards, playing Nintendo Wii down the basement with NO interruptions, a family trip to the playground, and will end with wings and pizza from a local sandwich shop) […]

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Ethan’s First Steps!

Okay, I am not the best videographer, so you have to use your imagination. Tilt your head to the left and you can watch the video. Please turn it on mute so that you don’t have to be annoyed by my ridiculous voice:)

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Look Out Below!

Ethan’s video has now been relegated to the bottom of the screen. I love him and all, but that thing was just too big to keep at the top of the screen:) Just in case you are looking for it!

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Ten Things I Love:

Here are things that Garrett loves: *Ethan*Hayley*Cheesesteaks*Playing guitar*Philadelphia Eagles*Long walks on the beach*Calculus*Spooning/snuggling*Nintendo Wii*Camping Here are things that Hayley loves: *Ethan*Garrett(most of the time)*Macaroni and Cheese*Cheese*Spaghetti*Music, especially Led Zeppelin*Reading books, any books*Interior Design*Camping*Showers (I wish I had more time for this) Here are things that Ethan loves: *Mommy*Daddy*Reggie*Emmy, Grammy, Grandpa Rog, Gilby*Carter Original and Carter […]

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The Search for Carter

Ethan’s best friend is missing! I have spent the past two days searching the neighboring towns, the inside of our minivan, under furniture, inside drawers, in the bathtub, behind the refrigerator, and it has turned up no clues. Carter was a cuddly, blue dog that Ethan lugged around with him everywhere and it looks like […]

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The Song in Ethan’s Video

Several people have asked me what song was in my video montage… It is by the band Coldplay and the song is “Til Kingdom Come”. It has been one of my favorite songs for years now and when I was making the video, I just knew that it had to be used. I love that […]

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Ethan had a rough day today. Poor little guy kept falling over, three times total. I suppose he thought that he is a champion walker by now and believed that he had the ability to toddle wherever he pleased. Not true. He fell two times on the tile floor and one time on top of […]

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Happy Anniversary!

Today is our three-year wedding anniversary. I can’t believe it! Unfortunately, we won’t even see each other today because Garrett has work all day and then Graduate school tonight:( I guess that is what happens when you become a real adult. On the bright side, I will celebrate the special day with Ethan. He already […]

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Ethan’s New Playset

Over the weekend, we bought Ethan his very first outdoor toy. It is a giant, ugly, cumbersome swing and slide set. He loves it! Here are some pictures of him in the swing and trying to climb up the slide. Doesn’t he realize the physics of trying to climb an inclined plane with socks on?

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