Boy’s Summer Outfit: Guest Post

Hello everyone! My name is Magda E. and first of all I would like to thank Hayley for having me.

I am a Portuguese mommy of a 19 month old Gabriela. And I blog mostly about my sewing at House of Estrela
A few days ago I made a Summer outfit for my 7 year old nephew, and I am sharing a tutorial for it with you today. 
You’ll need:
Boy’s vest pattern
Boy’s pattern (can be a simple pajama pattern)- I used both from Burda’s magazine as I show here 
Your choice fabric – mine was green
Your choice lining fabric – mine was polka dots
matching thread
I started with the pants. 

To make this detail on the legs, I just sew a fabric strip with about 8′. I sew one end on the inside of the pants and on the outside I’ve added a bracket. Do it for both legs. 
And once the pants are done, we’ll start with the vest. 

* There’s one side I didn’t mark on the picture but you should leave open too.

I found this Tutorial on how to turn your vest, I think I couldn’t explain it better. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed it! And if you’d like to see more photos from the outfit, come by and say hi HERE!
Thanks for stopping by Magda!  I really appreciate it!
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