Yay!!! Ethan took his first steps today!

Hi there! It looks like this if your first time visiting. I would LURVE for you to sign up for my newsletter to get exclusive discounts and updates. And while you’re at it, why not follow me on Bloglovin’? Just this afternoon, Ethan decided it was prime time to take a few steps right in […]

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Ethan’s New Playset

Over the weekend, we bought Ethan his very first outdoor toy. It is a giant, ugly, cumbersome swing and slide set. He loves it! Here are some pictures of him in the swing and trying to climb up the slide. Doesn’t he realize the physics of trying to climb an inclined plane with socks on?

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Recent photos of Ethan

Ethan Bradley… He is now 11 months old and we refer to him as “Mister Mischief”. He is a sweetheart, he is so loving. Hugs are his favorite thing, aside from getting into mischief and shenanigans.Neither I, nor Garrett can imagine life without him. He is our life now. Even though he likes to stick […]

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Hi There.

Welcome to the Mouse House. NO, that is not our real last name. We have decided to keep our last name private to deter any strange people. We (Hayley and Garrett) decided to start a blog to keep our distant and close family/friends/ourselves in touch with our lives. Neither one of us is all that […]

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