The Rainy Day Redo: Raincoat and Umbrella Upcycle

I came in a very close second place this round of So You Think You’re Crafty!
Click HERE to see the results and the winner.

Here was my entry
Rainy Day Redo: An Upcycling Challenge.
I found a set of cute heart curtains at the thrift store

And an umbrella that was slightly torn and old

And created a hooded rain jacket and umbrella to match!
Of course, I had to paint rain boots to coordinate :)
Super fun, right?

I used the Annabelle Jacket pattern by Peek a Boo Patterns as my base.  I removed the ruffle around the neckline and widen it a bit, plus added a hood!   I love the little button plackets on the sleeves.

Plus, it has pockets, which are always a huge hit with Ainsley!

There is also a pretty sash to tie at the front.

I took those same red rainboots and painted them a pretty shade of blue to match her new jacket and umbrella.

Perfect for jumping in muddy puddles:)

The umbrella was definitely a fun thing to make and I promise a full tutorial soon.  It was created by stripping the old umbrella, adding vinyl to the curtain fabric, piecing it all together, and then sewing it back onto the old frame. 

Even though I didn’t win this week, I love my creation and I know that it will get tons of use!

 Whoops, someone lost a boot!

  • Shaffer Sisters

    Super cute. That shower curtain is such a fun thrift store find. I would have never thought of recover an umbrella and the raincoat is so cute.

  • Erin Biggers

    You’re amazing. Shower curtains are always on clearance. I have the same jacket pattern but I’m having the hardest time finding the right fabric.

    BTW the last picture of them jumping in the puddle is adorable.

  • Joanna

    IS it a shower curtain? I thought it was normal window curtains from looking at the picture! Whichever, the outfit is so cute. I guessed it was you In the challenge straight away!

    • Welcome to the Mouse House

      It is just regular cotton curtains, or so I thought! Maybe it was a shower curtain? Either way, it was just regular cotton and I laminated the umbrella fabric to make it waterproof!

  • Merav Ruthman

    Wow! You are amazing and fun to follow. How did you cut the hood for the coat?

  • Sarah

    You did an amazing job!!! As always, your fabric choices leave me wanting to add to my stash. Love them! :)

  • Janiene Bishop

    This is AMAZING! In my opinion, you should have taken the 1st place position this week. You are an incredible crafter and the photo shoot of your sweet daughter playing in the puddles, well, that just shows me that you are a great Mom too! I am rooting for you in the contest!

  • Michelle {Daydream Believers}

    Ooh! Now my mind is spinning with the idea of using a shower curtain to make a rain coat! Hmm…

    Great job on the challenge!

    Happy Day!

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