Crocheted Heart Pattern and Tutorial: Guest Post

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Today, we have the lovely Cassidy from Cassidys Crochet Creations where she amazing photography and adorable crocheted creations to share.  I tried knitting and crocheting before and let me tell you… it is an art form that I was never able to master, so I love checking these projects out.  Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Valentine’s Day Mouse House Creations’ Readers!

My name is Cassidy, and I blog over at Cassidy’s Crochet Creations. I run a home based business crocheting everything from baby headbands, boots and hats; to adult scarves and earwarmer headbands. Nothing is off the table my hook when I’m on a roll!

Since today is the day of love, I’d like to share with you a fun pattern for a crocheted heart! You can vary the size of your hook and the weight of the yarn to adjust the size of your heart. The bigger the hook; the bigger the heart. There a lot of patterns for crocheted hearts out in the web, so if you don’t like mine, I won’t be offended! Just search the web and find your favorite! Now let’s get to it!

Magic circle, 14 sc in circle. Work the following in each stitch:
1. ch 4, 2 tc in same st as join
2. 2 tc
3. htc, dc
4. dc, hdc
5. 2 hdc
6. hdc, dc
7. htc

8. dc, hdc
9. 2 hdc
10. hdc, dc
11. dc, htc
12. 2 tc
13. 2 tc, ch 4, ss in same st.

Tie in your ends, and you’re done!

You can use these hearts for anything! I use an H hook to crochet a heart for hats…

H hook for the heart on the hat, D hook for the heart on the leggings…
Here I used an H hook for the larger heart, and a D hook for the smaller heart, then I sewed them together and attached them to elastic!

And here I used a D hook to make barefoot sandals! If you wanted to make these, then in the 7th stitch, and the 14th stitch, you would chain enough to go around the toe/ankle of the person you are fitting it for, then slip stitch it back into the same stitch continue your heart. {Please excuse the terrible photo, this was a long time ago, before I knew how to properly photograph my items.}

I’m not big on decorating for Valentine’s day {gasp!}, but if you do you could crochet several hearts and attach them to twine to make a Valentine’s Day banner, or attach them to your children’s Valentines. There are so many fun things that you can do with appliques!

You can follow me as I try to crochet one thing every day over at Cassidy’s Crochet Creations! Feel free to stop by my Facebook page too, I love getting new likes!

Thank you so much for having me, Hayley!
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