The Math-lete: “Boy’s Week” Project Run and Play

Boy’s Week!
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First of all, I am so happy and thankful to be back again for this week’s challenge.  Thanks to everyone who voted last week!

This week’s look has been so fun for me to create and design because I don’t sew for Ethan as much as I would like.  He got a new outfit that he LOVES and that makes me smile.

As most of you know, Ethan has Autism and sensory issues.  Because of the sensory issues, I knew that this outfit had to be loose fitting, comfortable, and soft, with no rigid or impractical components.   Most importantly, it had to be easy for him to get on and off since he is still working on dressing himself.  

And you all know about his LOVE of math, right?  Remember his Number Party?  Well, after creating Ainsley’s Kitty Cat outfit last week, I just had to make a special outfit for Ethan…. and of course, it had to be math related:)

The Math-lete
(get it?  mathlete?  an athlete of math?  ah…. nevermind!)

How adorable is he?  I mean, really!

He is in awe of his new “Pi symbol” shirt and told all his teachers about it today!  Score!
(by the way, he refers to himself as “Number King”. hilarious)

This week, I made three separate pieces:
*navy blue corduroy pants with a drawstring waist and orange piping details around the front pockets
*soft gray zip-up hoodie with orange details on the sleeves and hem
*orange and white baseball style shirt with “pi symbol” appliqued onto the front

The Pants

Like I mentioned above, the pants are made of a super soft navy blue corduroy.  For a pop of color, I added orange piping details around the pockets and an orange and white polka dot drawstring waist (easy to get on and off!)

Because kids grow so quickly, I always like to make outfits that grow with them.  I added cuffed hems and a button strap that can be let down as he gets bigger.

And just for fun, I lined the front and back pockets with fun orange fabric.

 Super cute, right?  

The Pi Shirt

Made out of soft jersey knit, the shirt is meant to look like a retro baseball tee.   Appliqued on the front is a super awesome Pi symbol, perfect for math lovers everywhere :)  

The Zip-Up Hoodie

The zip up hoodie was made primarily from upcycled materials (gray sweatshirt material was from an old shirt of Garrett’s, the orange trim around the sleeves and hem were from an old tshirt of Ethan’s)  The only new items were the zipper and the orange piping around the arm casings.

Using old fabrics creates a nice worn-in item.

So fun!
Just because I love him so much, here are some more photos:)

  • Sarah

    I am loving those pants!

  • Joanna

    He was such a good boy for the photos :-) and I LOVE his outfit. I’m about to go check our his number party! Well done :-)

  • Delia

    Home run! The piping detail is fantastic. The hoodie is my favorite piece I think. Ethan did so well too! Great job Hayley!

  • Rachel Booth

    Wow! What a great outfit!! The kindergarten teacher in me LOVES the math concept!! And your son is adorable in his clothes! :)

  • Jen@thecraftingfiend

    love it! the orange with the blue is a good colour combo! and Ethan is so cute!

  • Anonymous

    So cute! My son would love the shirt.

  • Luch

    Love the outfit! Orange and blue is such a great combo. My hub is a math teacher too, so I smiled when I saw your outfit. Your son is adorable and I love how comfy and unpretentious the outfit it. Congrats on the great work!

  • Shelley

    Great job! The hoodie is my favortie piece too. I’ll make sure to vote for you. Good luck!

  • Florencia

    I love the entire outfit! The colors,the contrast with the piping. I’ve been looking for a pattern just like that for pants for my son.
    My son has 2 pairs from a expensive store and he lives in them. I’d like to make a few more for him in corduroy.
    Your son is SO handsome!

  • Heidi Grohs

    Amazing…and I can’t get over the matching shoes ;D!

  • prettylittlefishbowl

    This is fantastic. I love all the detail and I truly admire all the thoughtfulness of your creation. You have proven both your design/sewing skills and your devotion to your boy. Bravo!

  • annette

    Those pants are so cute!

  • Kim

    Coming over from PR&P to let you know how much I love this outfit. It was obviously made with so much love and thoughtful consideration. You got my vote!

  • Gina

    I liked this outfit but like it even more now that I know the story behind it!!

  • Emily

    This is my favorite outfit you’ve made. Love the pops of orange and the pi shirt. And now I want some pumpkin pie. :) PS do you guys celebrate Pi Day?

  • ElizabethR

    WOW! A Math teacher by trade, stay at home mommy now, LOVES this outfit. My husband has purchased me several math related clothing and bag items (one was for March 14), but none as cool as creating one himself! I applaud you, your creativity and your hard work. And I must say that when we are sewing, TV is the best!

  • Anonymous

    You are amazing!!!! You could 100% start your own line of clothes!!! Great Job!

  • Cassie

    Congrats on your win, Hayley! This outfit looks so comfy! I have loved all of your outfits so far. You have such great talent.

  • 2littlehooligans

    congrats! everything was amazing! and love all that orange:) cannot wait to see whatcha making this week:)

  • sjones

    Way good! I love it!

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