State Of Grace: Project Run and Play Week #1

I can NOT believe this is real!
How did I get so lucky?

So, the objective for Week #1 was to use THIS tutorial and change it up to our liking…. simply take the idea and use our own creativity to change it into something else entirely!

The above tutorial discusses bias cut fabric. 
 For those of you that don’t sew, it simply means cutting the fabric on a diagonal/against the grain.

  Why would you do that?  
Many reasons… it reduces fraying, increases stretch, and gives a different dimension. 
 It also helps with fold-a-bility and bend-a-bility 
(are those even real words?)

I thought for a long, long, long, long, long time about this one.
I had many ideas swirling in my head 
(which I plan to share in the future, by the way!)

Make sure you go over to Project Run and Play and vote for your favorite this week!

Without further adieu, I present:
The State of Grace Dress

Oh boy, where do I begin with this dress?
There are 3 different looks with this dress, just stay tuned!

The base of the dress is an amazingly soft pink Shantung. 
Such texture on the outside, but satiny smooth on the inside.  

Peter Pan collars just about do me in…
Cuteness overload!

Always have to have matching hair accessories, right?

I created about a million and a half rosettes out of bias cut organza for the removable apron and the headband
… and attached them all one by one by one by one by… omg.
You can see here that the removable apron ties in the back with a nice big organza bow.

 I wanted the organza apron to be removable for practicality reasons.  So, when she isn’t wearing her apron full of flowers, she can wear her charcoal gray shawl (cut on the bias, of course!) tied at the chest.  Simple and easy.
So classy:)

We snuck a few rides on some golf carts!
Don’t tell, haha!
And finally, the dress without the shawl or the apron…
perfect for frolicking around an old oak tree.

Ainsley knew she would get some candy after we were done with the photo shoot.
Do you think she was excited?

When they told us what the theme would be for Week #1, I had so many ideas and had trouble doing just one!  I decided to sketch out one of my ideas and go from there.  
As you can see, I stuck pretty close to my original vision, except I nixed the handbag idea (what 3 year old really needs a handbag?)
and I created the shawl instead.  I also made the removable apron instead of covering the entire skirt with permanent rosettes.
 Much more practical!

So, there you have it!
My Week #1 entry…hope you enjoy!

  • pneu

    This is just incredible! I love how pretty and fluffy the dress is with the apron, but it was a genius idea to make that part removable. Voted for you. :)

  • 2littlehooligans

    amazing job! and how did you get such a great model?

  • jacq

    Great work and what a doll Ainsley is!
    Can’t wait to see the rest of your looks.

  • Heather Green

    Gorgeous! And, I tell ya, your little girly is just stunning in it! Love that the apron is removable!

  • Gentri

    Nice Job! Helps that the model is adorable!;)

  • Chelise

    I love that the apron can come off… the dress just by itself is adorable (love that collar) and I especially love it with the gray shawl!

    And your model is just SO adorable.

  • Rebecca

    Absolutely adorable! I love the versatility with the removeable apron and the shawl is lovely. I must make something with a peter pan collar now. Or soon.

  • Carrie77

    She looks like a princess! You are SO talented!

  • Katie

    Very Pretty Dress. I love that the rosettes are on a removable apron! My girls would have to take it off for car rides.

  • Shelley

    Great job! My daughter would love a dress like that with all those flowers on it. Ainsley is an adorable model! Voted for you!

  • The Mouse House

    thanks everyone!

  • The Mouse House

    thanks everyone!

  • Delia

    Beautiful job. I agree… the removable apron is quite genius.

  • Gina

    this ensemble is gorgeous. Usually gorgeous= impractical but you have defied the odds and made it practical; i love it!! i love the design and fabric choices as well as fabric colors and your daughter makes for a perfect model! Great job! thanks, too, for sharing your design process and sketches…that was a fun extra!

  • Sharon

    Absolutely beautiful! Both the dress and the model!

  • Falafel and the Bee

    Oh my goodness you did an amazing job! Nicely done.

  • Emily

    She is so cute!!!!! I love the roses- I toyed with those for like two seconds. ha. The little dress is perfect even on its own! :)

  • Karen of Little Red House Designs

    I am not sure if you have wonderful talent or if your daughter is just THAT beautiful! Wonderful design – good luck!

  • Mom on the Make

    Oh my goodness. That dress is over the top adorable. Very well done. Very inspiring too!

  • Debi Bolocofsky

    the dresses are great, and she is adorable. I have a link party on Wednesdays, and I would love it if you would link this and any other posts. It is called Wednesdays Adorned From Above Link Party. It runs from Wednesday to Sundays.
    I hope to see you there. I am your newest follower, and I would love for your to follow me also. Have a great Day.
    Debi Bolocofsky
    Adorned From Above

  • Tara

    voted for your entry. May you show how a diagram and measurement of your shrug? Thanks a lot

  • Anshu

    Ohmigod! this is beyond adorable! That gray shawl killed me already!

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