Board and Batten in the Dining Room

It feels like so long ago that we decided to revert our dining room from playroom back into a dining room!  Here are some of those long forgotten posts here and here.

Oh, and don’t worry, the kids are fine and didn’t even bat an eyelash at the removal of their toys.  They now have a lovely playroom upstairs (I will show pictures of that another day!) and they also have lots of toys nicely stashed away in the living room.

I knew from the start that I wanted to do a board and batten treatment for the dining room and it turned out just how I imagined it!  The room isn’t completely finished yet (still need to hang more pictures up and get more accessories for the room), but I wanted to show it off!  I will eventually write some more updates with information on how we did all the woodwork, but here are some pictures for now:

View from Living Room

We love all the light the room receives now!

Picture Collage wall that we are still working on

^See that awesome photograph of the flower with the blue background?  I purchased that at and I LOVE IT!  Totally brought in the colors I needed!  I actually  bought several of her prints for this room, which I will show when I finally get them framed.

Close up detailing of the board and batten treatment
Excuse the terrible photo, but here are the curtains I made for this room.  Notice how we also put trim around the window casing?  Totally helps with the architecture!
We are still working on this side of the room, but right now it has a desk.  Still trying to figure out how to make it all work.

I am on the hunt for better accessories for the buffet

But these will work for now
We trimmed out the large doorway between the living room and dining room
Close up of the picture rail

So, we went from this:

To this:

Still lots more to do and I promise to post updates as they occur!

  • Heidi


  • Ashley

    Wow! It looks amazing!

  • Chrissy

    What a huge transformation!!! I love it, the color combination is great!

  • The Mouse House

    thanks ladies!

  • Rachael

    So pretty, and sophisticated. Love how it turned out. Nice work.

  • Mom Taxi Julie

    It’s gorgeous!! I’d love to do this in my house :)

  • The Mouse House

    thank you!

  • Carli

    Gorgeous! Visiting from Just a Girl, congrats on your feature!

  • Marie

    VERY nice. i did board and batten in my family room and i LOVE it.

  • The Mouse House

    thanks to everyone that visited from Just a Girl!

  • Deb

    Looks awesome…I love it!

  • chris

    The board and batten looks fantastic. What a transformation.

  • thistlewoodfarm

    Wow! Your dining room looks amazing! Visiting from TT&J and I am so glad I did! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Shabby chic Sandy

    looks great–love the picture wall!

  • Amanda Jones

    What a great transformation! I love your dinning room, it is so beautiful – and the board and batten is awesome! I am stopping by from TT&J –


  • barbedwirekisses

    I’ve been meaning to ask–what is that color you have on the wall there? Also, is it the same that is in your kitchen/family room? It’s a great color!

  • The Mouse House

    Barbedwire: It is a color similar to Duron’s Tabacco Road!

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